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What is the main role of High Power ICS Repeater

High Power ICS Repeaters are connected devices above the physical layer of the network.

High Power ICS Repeater

1.High Power ICS Repeater only functions to forward data packets, and does not make any changes to the content of data packets. It is suitable for the interconnection of two completely identical types of Internet, and the key function is to expand the distance of data transmission according to the re-push or sharing of data signals.
2. High Power ICS Repeater is a mac layer device of the OSI model of network equipment that regenerates and restores data signals. Simply put, the repeater is used to change the large data signal in the network cable. The basic theory of the general five types of network cable is stable and the maximum transmission distance is 90 meters.
3. In reality, the average manufacturer is only 70~80 meters away, and the packet loss rate will occur no matter how far it is. In this case, if we must use the general Category 5 twisted pair cable for transmission, we must place a High Power ICS Repeater at a distance of 80 meters, so that this route can work stably within a length of 160 meters.

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