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Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturers take you to understand the CAN Repeater

The manufacturer of Discount Triple System Repeater tells you that using repeaters also has certain problems, such as (1) because the repeater stores and then forwards the received frames, which increases the delay. (2) The Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the MAC sublayer of the CAN bus does not have a flow control function. When the load on the network is heavy, the buffer may overflow due to insufficient storage space in the repeater, resulting in frame loss. (3) If the repeater fails, it will affect the work of the two adjacent subnets.

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The Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturer tells you that compared with the general communication bus, the data communication of the CAN bus has outstanding reliability, real-time, and flexibility. CAN bus is now widely used in industrial field control, residential security, environmental monitoring, and many other fields.
The Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the CAN bus works in a multi-master mode, any node on the network can actively send information to other nodes on the network at any time without distinguishing between master and slave, the communication mode is flexible, and no node information such as station address is required.
Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturers tell you that CAN repeater is one of the key devices in CAN bus system networking, and repeaters are often used in larger CAN bus systems.
The Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the repeater has a certain bridge function in addition to the repeater function. Because as long as the initialization parameters of the repeater are properly configured, the repeater can have both the message forwarding function and the message filtering function. Here, the name of the repeater is just borrowed.
The above information is the Discount Triple System Repeater manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the CAN Repeater, hope it helps you.

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