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Lenolink releases new Hybrid Combiner

Lenolink releases its new hybrid combiner in Oct, 2017. In such a competitive telecom market it is not easy to choose best product which suits need, requirement and budget. To satify market's requirement, Lenolink releases its new Hybrid Combiner series, which includes 2 IN 1 OUT, 2 IN 2 OUT, 3 IN 3 OUT,4 IN 4 OUT models.
With more and more operators built their 4G network, they all face the difficulty to maintain two or even more network at the same time, and how to share antenna system is also need to be considered. To help solve such problem, Lenolink LTE hybird combiners are designed to combine existing 2G, 3G and 4G network and help them to share the same antenna system, which help operators to save their CAPEX and OPEX cost.

The isolation of the new combiner can reach 30dB, it's the best performance in the market, with the PIM value reach -160dBc, the products can be used for aerospace industry.


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