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China's 4G Sub Hits 930 Million

MIIT has announced the operation report of the first eight months of China's telecommunication industry recently.
China's three major operators added 60.08 million mobile phone subscribers in the first eight months, reaching 1.38 billion while 3G and 4G subscribers increased 131 million to 1.07 billion. With 160 million additions, 930 million 4G subscribers account for 67.2 percent of the mobile phone subscribers.
The total fixed broadband access user base of the three operators reached 330 million with 32.82 million additions this year.
FTTH/O subscribers increased 44.09 million to 272 million year over year, representing 82.3 percent of the fixed Internet broadband access users.
Besides, the three major telecom operators have totally gained 1.22 billion mobile Internet subscribers including 124 million additions.

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