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Lenolinks Amazing Show on CommunicAsia2017

On May 23, CommunicAsia2017 held its grand opening at the scenic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. As a major trade show of communications and IT industry in Asia, CommunicAsia brought together world-class operators and providers, showcased cutting-edge products and technologies in information and communications fields, and jointly developed new ways of ICT growth.

Even it's the first time Leonlink attend this exhibition, Leonlink's stand attracted a lot of attention because of its new products and technology, including quad band combiner, 2-1, 4-1 hybrid combiner, etc. During the exhibition, operators, cooperative partners and industry executives from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries visited the stand on invitation. They all showed great interest in the items on display, and carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges with Lenolink engineer.


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