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RF Coupler from China introduces Coupler

RF Coupler from China tells you that in a microwave system, it is often necessary to divide one microwave power into several circuits in proportion, which is the problem of power allocation. RF Coupler from China tells you that the components that realize this function are called power distribution components, that is, couplers, and mainly include: directional couplers, power dividers, and various microwave branch devices.

RF Coupler from ChinaRF Coupler from China tells you that an optocoupler is an electrical-optical-electrical conversion device that transmits electrical signals through light. It consists of two parts: the light source and the light receiver. The light-emitting source and the light-receiving device are assembled in the same airtight casing, and they are separated by transparent insulators.
RF Coupler from China tells you that the pin of the light source is the input end, and the pin of the light receiver is the output end. The common light source is a light-emitting diode, and the light receiver is a photodiode, phototransistor, etc. There are many types of optocouplers, such as photodiode type, phototransistor type, photoresistor type, light-controlled thyristor type, photoelectric Darlington type, integrated circuit type, etc. For example, there are metal round shell packages, plastic packages dual in-line packages, etc.
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