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POI(Point of Interface) Wholesale Price introduces the representation of POI data

POIs can be placed on a map using a variety of formats, all of which have unique data representations and granularities. POI(Point of Interface) Wholesale Price tells you that using these formats, POI attributes can be used to specify a location on a map and define its spatial relationship to surrounding locations.

POI(Point of Interface) Wholesale Price1. POI(Point of Interface) Wholesale Price tells you that coordinates are usually expressed in latitude and longitude (Lat/Long), and the geographic location of a location is called coordinates. A POI can be identified by the smallest latitude and longitude data point. This data can be obtained from satellite-based mapping services or collated using GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones, fitness trackers, tablets, etc.
POI(Point of Interface) Wholesale Price tells you that using multiple coordinates, you can create larger virtual perimeters for real geographic areas called latitude/longitude boundaries or geofences. Boundaries can be radial or polygonal in shape formed by connecting multiple lat/lon points. These boundaries help businesses identify and evaluate POIs within specific areas to map trends and patterns.
2. Zip code. Another common way to represent a POI is its physical address, which often includes a government-assigned Pin, zip code, or zip code. Originally designed to help postmen sort and deliver mail efficiently, the postal code system is widely used to determine the location of points of interest. However, there is no global standard for postal codes. Postal codes are insufficient to pinpoint individual points of interest, but can be used as "official geofences" in data analysis.

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