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Quality POI(Point of Interface) on sales introduce POI points

Quality POI(Point of Interface) on sales tells you that POI points will also be graded, and divided into first-level and second-level categories. Quality POI (Point of Interface) on sales tells you that the first-level categories mainly include: catering, shopping, accommodation, travel, sports and entertainment, financial services, life services, car services, education, medical care, real estate, tourism, enterprises, and institutions.

Quality POI(Point of Interface) on salesQuality POI(Point of Interface) on sales tells you that the acquisition of POI points traditionally requires a lot of manual mapping and collection. Collecting POI points is time-consuming and laborious, so each POI point has a very important meaning. Whether a map manufacturer can update POI points in a timely and effective manner has a huge impact on user experience.
Quality POI(Point of Interface) on sales tells you how we obtain POI points when we are doing scientific research. First of all, the map coordinates of major map manufacturers are encrypted on the basis of surveying and mapping, so the coordinates on the map are offset.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Quality POI(Point of Interface) on sales introduce POI points, hope it helps you.

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