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Introduction of Wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturers

Wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturers are a four-in-one-out device. Wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturers can combine GSM (885-960MHz), DCS (1710-1880MHz), 3G (1920-2170MHz), and WLAN (2400-2483.5MHz) quad-band signals.

Wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturersIn addition, Wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturers tell you what needs to be explained in the combiner application is that the base station or repeater signal feeding method is wireless, and its signal source is a wide spectrum. Therefore, a narrow passband is required on some occasions to ensure the purity of the signal.
In addition, Wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturers tell you that the signal feeding method of the combiner is a cable, and the signal is directly taken from the source, which is a narrow spectrum signal. When a GSM carrier frequency signal is connected, because the source is a carrier frequency signal, the feeding method is a cable, and only the carrier frequency signal exists in the channel without other interference signals. Therefore, the wide-channel design of the combiner is feasible in practical applications.
Through the above introduction and analysis of wholesale Quad Band Combiner manufacturers, hope it helps you.

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