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Dual System Booster manufacturers take you to understand the two types of booster

1. Liquid rockets. Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that a liquid rocket booster ("liquid booster" for short) is a small rocket with liquid fuel that is tied to the first stage of the rocket core stage to increase the rocket's carrying capacity. The Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that, unlike solid rocket boosters, liquid boosters can cut off the propellant supply to emergency braking when necessary, which is important for manned spacecraft launches.

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2. Solid rockets. Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that a solid rocket booster (Solid rocket boosters, SRB, referred to as "solid booster") is a rocket that is bundled on a space vehicle to provide additional thrust (sometimes main thrust). Among them, the solid booster used by the space shuttle is the most thrust of this type of booster.
Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that compared to liquid boosters, the advantage of solid boosters is that they have greater thrust and do not require refrigeration and thermal insulation. Using solid boosters for the liquid rocket core stage can reduce the use of liquid fuel and reduce the overall weight of the rocket. Solid boosters are cheaper to design and easier to produce and test but are more expensive to build than liquid boosters of the same thrust.
The Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that once the solid booster is ignited, it is difficult to stop before running out of fuel, which is a risk factor for manned spacecraft launches. The accident rate for solid boosters is about 1%, and accidents are often catastrophic. There is also a potential risk of solid boosters, that is, during the production process of the propellant, the mixed propellant will explode when it catches fire.
The above information is the Dual System Booster manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the two types of the booster, hope it helps you.

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