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Quad Band Combiner from China introduces the role of combiner

Quad Band Combiner from China tells you the role of that combiner in the wireless mobile phone communication system. Quad Band Combiner from China tells you that the main function of the combiner is to combine the input multi-band signals and output them to the same indoor distribution system.

Quad Band Combiner from China
Quad Band Combiner from China tells you that in engineering applications, it is necessary to output 800MHz C network, 900MHz G network, or other different frequencies at the same time. Using a combiner can make an indoor distribution system work in the CDMA frequency band at the same time, the GSM frequency band or other frequency bands.
Quad Band Combiner from China tells you that in a radio antenna system, the input and output signals of several different frequency bands (such as 145MHZ and 435MHZ) are combined by a combiner, and then connected to the radio station with a feeder, which is not only saves One feeder also avoids the trouble of switching different antennas.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Quad Band Combiner from China introduces the role of combiner, hope it helps you.

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