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High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers take you to understand the role of the repeater

The High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that repeaters are designed to boost your network signals so they can travel farther. High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that digital or analog signals carrying information can only travel a limited distance due to transmission line noise.

High Power ICS Repeater
The High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer tells you that the function of the repeater is to regenerate and transmit the received signal, thereby increasing the distance of the signal transmission. It connects two or more segments of the same network. For example, Ethernet often uses repeaters to extend the cable length of the bus. Standard thin-cable Ethernet has a maximum length of 185 meters per segment and can have up to 5 segments. Therefore, after adding repeaters, the maximum cable length can be increased to 925 meters. In general, the part of the network at both ends of the repeater is a network segment, not a subnet.
The High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that the repeater can connect two LAN cables, retime and regenerate the digital signal on the cable, and send it out. These functions are typical functions of the first layer in the OSI model, the physical layer.
The High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer tells you that another function of the repeater is to increase the coverage of the local area network. For example, the Ethernet standard specifies a maximum length of 500 meters for a single segment of the signal transmission cable. However, after connecting the 5-segment network cable with the repeater, the longest signal transmission line in Ethernet can reach 2500 meters. Some brands of repeaters can connect cable segments of different physical media, such as thin coaxial cable and fiber optic cable.
The above information is the High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the role of the repeater, hope it helps you.

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