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High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers take you to understand the repeater technology

High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that in fact, the wireless repeater in the network can be simply said to be a narrow wireless AP. High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that AP is short for Wireless Access Node. It is equivalent to a hub or switch in a wired network. However, this is a hub with wireless signaling that provides a single session meeting point for multiple wireless internet devices.

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High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that wireless AP is a very broad name that includes not only simple wireless access points, but also a general term for devices such as wireless routers. But in order to distinguish these two kinds of devices, we generally call the device with only AP function as wireless AP, and the AP with router function as wireless router.
High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that simply put, APs are extension cords, repeaters and amplifiers in wireless networks. Play the role of strengthening the signal and extending the distance.
The above information is the High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the repeater technology, hope it helps you.

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