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Dual System Booster manufacturers take you to understand the composition of booster

Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that a booster is a power device that contains fuel to propel rockets and spacecraft to the sky. Depending on the fuel used by the booster, the booster can be divided into liquid rocket booster and solid rocket booster. Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that Signaling RB is referred to as SRB, which means signaling resource bearer. SRB is used to transmit RRC and NAS signaling. The basic elements of SRB are engine (including casing, propellant, igniter, and nozzle), main structure, separation system, flight control instruments, pyrotechnic equipment deceleration system thrust vector controller, recovery system, and safety self-destruction system.

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Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that each booster is connected to the outer tank through two transverse struts and oblique connecting rods at the rear of the SRB, and the front skirt of the SRB is connected to the front of the outer tank. Each booster The tail of the vehicle is also connected to the launch pad through four brittle nuts, which are disconnected during takeoff.
The Dual System Booster manufacturer tells you that the booster is divided into seven parts, which are manufactured by different manufacturers and then assembled in pairs in the factory, and shipped to the Kennedy Space Center by rail for final assembly. Each section is fastened by ring clamp hooks and traction hook coupling pins, then sealed with three "O-rings", and finally coated with heat-resistant putty.
The above information is the Dual System Booster manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the composition of the booster, hope it helps you.

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