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Dual System Booster manufacturers take you to understand the parts of the booster

Recyclable booster. Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that the recoverable booster is also called the recoverable booster engine. After the engine work is over, some of the main components can be recovered, and the booster can be reused after repair. Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that SRB is Signaling RB, signaling resource bearer, SRB is used to transmit RRC and NAS signaling.

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Fixed column. The Dual System Booster manufacturer tells you that each booster has four fixing posts corresponding to the corresponding support posts on the launch pad, and the fixing bolts connect the booster to the launch pad.
The Dual System Booster manufacturer tells you that the bolt has nuts on both ends and the top nut is a brittle nut, which contains two NASA standard detonators (NSD) that will detonate after the solid motor receives an ignition command and then the bolt is in NSD gas pressure and gravity Under the action, slide down and out of the bolt reduction table full of sand. The bolt is 71 cm long and 8.9 cm in diameter and the brittle nut is captured by the blowing container. If the fixation fails, the SRB pushes enough to break the bolts, freeing the shuttle.
The above information is the Dual System Booster manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the parts of the booster, hope it helps you.

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