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Customized Dual System Booster manufacturers take you to understand the characteristics of solid boosters

Hydraulic system. Customized Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that each Solid rocket boosters(SRB) contain two sets of self-sustaining independent hydraulic power systems (HPUs), each system consists of an auxiliary power system (APU), fuel supply module hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil accumulator, and hydraulic fluid piping Integrated composition. Customized Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that the auxiliary power system is powered by hydrazine and drives the hydraulic pump through the mechanical shaft to generate the hydraulic pressure of the SRB hydraulic system.

Customized Dual System Booster from China
Customized Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that two hydraulic power systems and two hydraulic systems are located at the rear of the SRB, between the nozzle and the tail skirt. The components of the hydraulic power system are housed in the tail skirt, between the roll and tilt transmissions. The control circuit module is placed in the electronic integrated equipment area at the connection ring of the outer tank at the rear. Both systems started working at T+28 seconds until the SRB was separated from the outer tank and orbiter.
Customized Dual System Booster manufacturers tell you that the hydraulic power system and its fuel system are separate from each other. Each fuel supply module stores 10 kg of hydrazine, and nitrogen at a pressure of 2757.88 kPa (400 psi) and squeezes hydrazine into the fuel distribution pipe.
The above information is the Dual System Booster manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the characteristics of solid boosters, hope it helps you.

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