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Single System Repeater Manufacturer introduce the CAN Repeater Hardware Circuit Design

The structure of the CAN repeater hardware. Single System Repeater the manufacturer tells you that the CAN repeater is mainly composed of two CAN controller interfaces. The Single System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the CAN repeater's microcontroller is responsible for the monitoring tasks of the entire repeater.

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The Single System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the two-way CAN controller interface circuit is basically the same, and both are composed of CAN communication controller, photoelectric coupling circuit and CAN bus driver. CAN bus drivers are powered by isolated DC/DC modules.
The Single System Repeater manufacturer tells you that in this way, it not only realizes the electrical isolation between the two CAN interfaces, but also realizes the isolation between the repeater and the CAN bus. While this adds some complexity and cost to the repeater hardware, it is worth it. Taking isolation measures can limit the fault to a certain network segment without affecting other network segments, which is convenient for maintenance and ensures the safety of system equipment.
The above information is the Single System Repeater Manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the CAN Repeater Hardware Circuit Design, hope it helps you.

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