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High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers take you to understand what  is a repeater

High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that in the field of communication, repeater has the following meaning: an analog device that enhances and amplifies the input signal, regardless of the type of input signal (analog or digital). High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that repeaters are used to strengthen the signal on the cable and send the signal farther to extend the length of the network. When an electronic signal is transmitted on a cable, the signal strength decreases with the increase of the transmission length. Therefore, the repeater is required to strengthen the signal again to increase the transmission distance of the data.

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High Power ICS Repeater manufacturers tell you that a repeater is a module or device used for frequency conversion and power enhancement, such as relay satellites. It is divided into uplink frequency and downlink frequency, mainly used for signal enhancement and frequency difference transfer.
The High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer tells you that the repeater works at the OSI physical layer and is the center of all nodes in the LAN. Its function is to amplify the signal, compensate for signal attenuation, and support long-distance communication.
The High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer tells you that because the repeater works at the physical layer, it only plays the role of extending the transmission distance and is transparent to the high-level protocol. In effect, the network connected by repeaters is equivalent to a larger network consisting of the same line. Repeaters can also connect networks of different transmission media together, and are mostly used for interconnection of the same local area network above the data link layer.
The above information is the High Power ICS Repeater manufacturer's introduction and analysis of what  is a repeater, hope it helps you.

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