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Brief introduction of the high power ICS repeater

The product name is High Power ICS Repeater, and the Item is SI30B~SI43B. Details: Lenolink high power ICS repeater uses digital technology to process the RF signal. The repeater can detect and cancel the interference through the receiving signal so that to avoid oscillation and reduce isolation. With ICS technology, both server antenna and donor antenna can be installed in the same pole, which saves the installation cost and complexity.

High Power ICS Repeater Wholesale Price
Lenolink high power ICS repeater is applicable to both GSM and WCDMA; the maximum power can be up to 43dBm. With very high system performance, our repeaters are widely used in tunnels, rural areas, metro, and big buildings.
Features of the high power ICS repeater. 1. Support the automatic search and lock functions of the frequency points. 2. Easy to upgrade, just need to upgrade the digital module to have better performance.
3. high power ICS repeater has Auto uplink service detected, when there is no uplink service, the repeater will reduce the transmit power to lower the noise so that reduce the interference to BTS. 4. Manual gain control (MGC) and ALC for both uplink and downlink to adjust the gain value for proper coverage during installation and maintenance. 5. Low power consumption and compact design for easy installation.
The above information is the GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the high power ICS repeater, hope it helps you.

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