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Quad Band Combiner on sales introduce the function of combiner

Quad Band Combiner on sales tells you that the combiner is to combine the receiving and sending signals of the signal mobile phone into one antenna. Quad Band Combiner on sales tells you that in the GSM system, since the transceivers are not in the same time slot, the mobile phone can save the duplexer used to isolate the transceiver, and only need to use a simple transceiver combiner to combine the sending, The receiving signals are combined on one antenna without interfering with each other.

Quad Band Combiner on sales
Quad Band Combiner on sales tells you that for the receiving circuit, the antenna receives the signal, enters the receiving channel through the combiner, mixes with the receiving local oscillator signal (that is, the receiving VCO signal generated by the frequency synthesizer), and converts the high-frequency signal into Convert the signal into an intermediate frequency signal, and then perform quadrature demodulation of the signal to generate received I and Q signals; then perform GMSK (Gaussian filter minimum shift keying) demodulation to convert the analog signal into a digital signal, and then send it to the baseband processing unit.
Quad Band Combiner on sales tells you that for the transmitting circuit, the TDMA frame data stream (rate 270.833kbit/s) sent by the baseband part is GSMK modulated to form the transmitted I and Q signals, and then sent to the transmitting up-converter for modulation to the transmitting frequency band, after power amplification, it is transmitted by the antenna through the combiner.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Quad Band Combiner on sales introduce the function of combiner, hope it helps you.

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