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GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturers take you to understand the features and functions of Repeater

The GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturer tells you that due to the loss of the line, the signal power transmitted on the line will gradually attenuate, and when the attenuation reaches a certain level, the signal will be distorted, which will lead to reception errors. Repeaters are designed to solve this problem.

good price and quality GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater The GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturer tells you that a repeater (RP repeater) is a device that connects network lines, and is often used for bidirectional forwarding of physical signals between two network nodes.
The GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturer tells you that the repeater mainly completes the function of the physical layer, is responsible for transmitting information bit by bit on the physical layer of the two nodes, and completes the functions of signal replication, adjustment, and amplification, so as to extend the network length. It completes the physical line connection, amplifies the attenuated signal, and keeps the same as the original data.
The GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturer tells you that under normal circumstances, the two ends of the repeater are connected to the same media, but some repeaters can also complete the transfer of different media. In theory, the use of repeaters is unlimited, and the network can therefore be extended indefinitely. In fact, this is impossible, because the delay range of the signal is specified in the network standards, and the repeater can only work effectively within this specified range, otherwise, it will cause network failure.
The above information is the GSM/WCDMA ICS PICO Repeater manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the features and functions of Repeater, hope it helps you.

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