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Phased-Array Antenna Vehicle/Shipborne Series-FSG260A

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A phased array antenna is a type of antenna that consists of multiple individual antenna elements working together to create a desired radiation pattern. This antenna design offers several advantages over traditional single-element antennas.

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Phased Array Antenna is a type of antenna that consists of multiple small antennas that are electronically controlled to transmit or receive signals in a specific direction. One major design advantage of phased array antennas is their ability to steer the beam electronically, without the need for mechanical movement. This allows for rapid and precise beam scanning, making them highly adaptable in various applications.
Phased array antennas offer several design advantages for both vehicle and shipborne usage.

Firstly, phased array antennas allow for beam steering, meaning they can electronically control the direction of the radiated signal without physically moving the antenna. This enables rapid and precise tracking of targets in different directions, making them ideal for dynamic environments such as vehicles and ships.

Secondly, phased array antennas provide high-speed scanning capabilities. By electronically altering the phase of the individual elements in the antenna array, the beam can be rapidly scanned across a wide field of view. This is crucial for vehicles and ships that require a wide coverage area and quick response times.

Additionally, phased array antennas offer improved reliability and redundancy. By utilizing multiple elements, these antennas can continue to function even if some elements fail or are blocked. This ensures continuous communication and radar coverage, which is critical for vehicles and ships operating in remote or hostile environments.

Lastly, phased array antennas are compact and lightweight compared to traditional mechanically steered antennas. This makes them suitable for integration into vehicles and ships where space and weight constraints are significant factors.

Overall, the design advantages of phased array antennas, such as beam steering, high-speed scanning, reliability, and compactness, make them highly suitable for vehicle and shipborne usage.









Product Description