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Single System Repeater manufacturers introduce the main monitoring program of the repeater

The Single System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the repeater software mainly includes the following subroutines: initialization subroutine, main monitoring program, receiving interrupt subroutine, and sending subroutine. The Single System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the writing method of the initialization subroutine is the same as that of the general CAN bus system intelligent node, but different initialization parameters should be used when initializing the two CAN controllers. The main monitoring program is mainly introduced below.

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1. Design of the main monitoring program. The main monitoring program is responsible for monitoring the receiving FIFO buffers of the two-way CAN controllers. The capacity of the two-way buffer can be configured asymmetrically. One advantage of this asymmetric configuration is that a larger buffer can be allocated to the side with more busy communication tasks, thus avoiding buffer overflow as much as possible.
The Single System Repeater manufacturer tells you that the FIFO buffer has two pointers: the receive data pointer and the send data pointer. When the two pointers are not equal, it proves that there is valid data in the buffer. The adjustment of the buffer receiving data pointer is realized through the receiving interrupt subroutine, and the adjustment of the sending data pointer is realized through the sending subroutine. In the main monitoring program, a request status flag is also used, which is established in the receiving interrupt subroutine for the repeater to return its fault status in time or respond to the status query command of the host computer. When the flag is 1, the main monitoring program will send its state to the upper computer and clear the flag.
The above information is the Single System Repeater Manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the main monitoring program of the repeater, hope it helps you.

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