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Related factors of Wholesale POI(Point of Interface) products

Wholesale POI(Point of Interface) products tell you that the general kernel density analysis method is used to calculate the density of spatial points and line elements in their surrounding neighborhoods, and to continuously simulate the density distribution, using the kernel of each grid in the image Density values reflect the distribution characteristics of spatial elements.

Wholesale POI(Point of Interface) productsWholesale POI(Point of Interface) products tell you that kernel density can be seen as a representation of the first law of geography, everything is related to other things, but similar things are more closely related. The frequency of POI points can be used to identify urban functional areas.
Wholesale POI(Point of Interface) products tell you that some positioning engines also rely heavily on companies and places to provide their own information. If they don't voluntarily update these data points, the information can become outdated and introduce inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the dataset.
Wholesale POI(Point of Interface) products tell you that the location data collector records the user's fixed location and creates its own POI records based on that information. However, user-supplied geographic data is not guaranteed to be accurate as it depends on hardware, app location permissions, and precision settings, and unintentional errors can degrade data quality.

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